Astrology & Tarot

"I have had several tarot readings and several astrological consultations with David and I am always amazed by his insight and depth of understanding. Not only is his technical knowledge of astrology impressive but he seems to possess a certain connection to the unseen world accessible through the movements of the planets and the symbols of the tarot. In addition to these metaphysical skills, David also possesses a profound understanding of human nature and his insight is as much a psychological analysis as it is an exercise in divination. He is also compassionate and honest. He does not attempt to pass judgment on his subjects or their individual situations but he does not keep truths hidden simply because they may be difficult to accept. Whether you consult with David regarding your natal chart or receive a tarot reading, you will be rewarded with an invaluable analysis of your situation that is part divine inspiration and part human understanding"

Jennifer Prince 

"My reading with David Aronson was possibly the most insightful reading of my chart I've ever had, with great insights into my karmic journey and the energies here to protect and assist, as well as the potential challenges and rough spots. It was definitely a thorough reading. He answered my questions about my own life as well as my relationships with my son and his father. One thing he did not do was tell me what he thought I wanted to hear. I've seen many professional astrologers, but none were as helpful about the "real issues" in my soul's development. The observations about what i need to deal with BEFORE I'm ready for a viable partner were right on point and in line with things which are actually occurring in my life. I feel that david is that rare thing; an honest astrologer. Not unlike finding an honest mechanic! I transcribed the bulk of our reading and will revisit it as encouragement and wise counsel for a long time to come."

Shamsi Ruhe

"I was thrilled to have my astrological chart done by David. He was thorough and professional. David took the time to explain all the details and discuss the connections to my life. I'd never had my chart done and didn't have anything but a general knowledge. I've shared his reading with my friends and they agree that he was right on the mark with most every detail! It was enlightening to hear him confirm thoughts that I have about the direction of my life."

Noreen McAneny

"David, Thank you for your accurate astrology reading. The knowledge you exhibit about the planets and stars is impressive. Knowing I have obstacles coming my way, you have comforted me and validated my own intuition. When the times approach I remember what we spoke about and try to make the correct choice. So far so good. Thanks again."

Laura Kleidon

"I highly recommend David Aronson for tarot readings for anyone who has from the slightest to the deepest interest. I was extremely impressed by his keen intuition and insight. He was honest, genuine, and professional. My experience was very positive, enjoyable and very enlightening. His thorough, detail-oriented and introspective reading gave me a great deal of truly valuable information that will help me through my life and future experiences."

Lisa Lorusso

"As someone who has had many tarot readings, both good and bad, I would recommend David Aronson. During my reading he was very professional, honest, thorough, and intuitive. I walked away from the reading with insight that is currently, and will continue to be, very beneficial to my life. I would recommend his tarot reading to friends, family, and anyone looking to gain insight into an area of their life."

Megan Cooper

"David has done my birth chart, transits, and several tarot readings over the last year. His readings and interpretations have been not only accurate and insightful, but they have been very helpful to me as a guide for my choices. I highly recommend him to anyone."

Dominic Parillo

"As an astrologer and tarot reader, it is hard to get perspective at times on your own readings. For some readers, it can be somewhat impossible. I call on David when I need outside advice or to run it through a lense of someone who has as much knowledge as I do so that we can communicate on a higher level. Even with his knowing that I already know what the cards mean, he goes more on his intuition than the meanings of the cards. I need that in those cases. David is an apt astrologist and I also go to him when I want to get more information on difficult transits or relationships with others. You will not be disappointed with the readings and information David shares with you. Well worth the money."

Kyleigh Mituzas