David Aronson is an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor. He is certified as a hypnotherapist by The American Board of Hypnotherapy, The National Guild of Hypnotists, and The International Association of Counselors and Therapists. David is also a second-degree Reiki practicioner.



"I went to David because I was unable to lose weight. I was eating all the wrong foods and did not have the will power to change that. David and I talked about the life style changes I wanted to make. We did a hypnosis session and it worked! So far I have lost 17 pounds and am still losing. I make healthy food choices and feel good about myself."

"...I am amazed how well the hypnosis has worked for me. I feel as if I have never smoked a day in my life. I can smell it, stand around 50 people that are smoking, and I don't crave it, don't want it, and don't have any of the miserable side effects. I'm still amazed. I was not believing much when I walked in but I am now. I feel like I have more energy, I'm eating right, drinking lots of water and exercising. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who may be in need."

"I was hypnotized by David on June 25, 2009 for weight loss, better & healthier eating and overall optimum health. Prior to the session, we discussed detailed specifics with regard to my goals and plans for healthy eating. The setting for the session was comfortable and I felt safe and relaxed. The session lasted approximately one hour.
In the days that followed, I made completely different choices in shopping for and preparing food. In addition, I noticed that it was very simple for me to choose the proper foods, avoid foods that I truly did not want to consume with little or no effort at all.
Unlike other diets of the past, this plan was not one that brought on great stress or gave me the feeling that I was forced to starve myself. Instead, I am guided to make a lifestyle changes that I believe will be permanent. I feel more energetic, overall healthier and have been slowly losing weight at a good pace. In addition, my blood pressure is lower and several other health problems are becoming much more manageable.
I continued to listen to the recording of the session prior to sleeping each night gradually decreasing the frequency. At present, I listen to the recording as needed. The detailed imagery and suggestions on the recording are wonderful, positive and tailored to my needs.
I believe with all my heart and soul that this hypnosis is working for me. If you are willing and want to make the necessary changes, David is a perfect choice."

Lisa Lorusso

Integrated Energy Therapy

"I started to see David for energy healing in November of 2008. At that time, I was feeling emotionally frozen, unable to express much emotion at all. I felt an overwhelming sense of grief and sadness that was too much for me to handle or express. This was having a major impact on the quality of my life, my mental and physical health.
Through my sessions, David helped me to slowly feel my emotions and get in touch with the sources of my grief and sadness and to let go of the emotions ­ sadness, guilt, anger, and fear - replacing them with positive feelings of safety, trust, hope and self love. Each session ended with me feeling more relaxed and I felt the sensation of coolness --energy flowing through my body in a way it had not for years.
As each week followed, David was able to identify sources of blocked energy flow in my body and relate those blockages to significant events that were either presently occurring or events that had occurred in my past.
David has very strong intuitive abilities to feel and empathize with other people and guide them through painful emotional journeys through the use of integrated energy therapy and reiki to find peace and balance.
I have found that as the weeks pass, I am emotionally more balanced and more able to handle many stressful situations and emotional memories. I can express a variety of emotions as needed without holding back or feeling badly afterward. I rest well and feel better physically. My blood pressure and heart rate are much lower than they had been upon starting the energy work.
I would highly recommend David to anyone for energy work regardless of their situation. He is honest, trustworthy, intuitive and compassionate. He has had a major impact on my life and working with him has greatly improved my emotional and physical health and well being."

Lisa Lorusso

"Immediately after my session with David, I felt more energetic and positive than I had in months. In the weeks that followed, I quit smoking cigarettes and got out of a few self-destructive personal arrangements that I was involved in. This was a powerful experience that gave a strong boost to a series of liberating changes I'd been wanting to make in my life."

Evan Long

"I had been suffering from crippling arthritic attacks in my pelvic area that left me immobilized and unable to leave the house for hours at a time, as well as recurring bacterial infections. This had been going on for seven years and my doctors had been unable to do anything to help me. Through I.E.T., David was able to help me uncover some of the emotional and psychological issues behind my physical problems. After working with David for two months, the infections are gone and the attacks are lasting for about a minute at a fraction of the level of pain they used to be, and I am confident that they will soon be gone completely."

Juanita Robbins

In Sept of 2005 I produced my original one-woman cabaret "Medusa Sings the Blues". It was an enormous undertaking to produce and perform my own work and I placed a lot of importance on this new work I was releasing to the public. After three nights of performance, I lost my voice - gone; there was no way for me to continue the show's run - I had to cancel it. I was utterly devastated. A few weeks later I went to a nose and throat specialist and discovered I had developed a single vocal node on the right vocal fold and was silent for a month.
I was totally befuddled as to how I had developed a single node (usually they come in pairs on either side) since I was a trained singer of almost 20 years.
Each time after this incident that I would bring Medusa for short performances, fundraisers etc, something odd would happen - I would get sick, fall off the stage, etc. It was sort of getting weird.
In 2009 I decided to remount my entire Medusa show. During rehearsals I began to have the same symptoms I had had that first Medusa show - my voice was threatening to leave me.
That is when I spoke with David Aronson about his healing energy work. We set up an appointment to meet on the day before my opening night. As we spoke about my problem, he intuited that I had been 'calling on the Dark Goddess' all this time and that she was bringing my dark issues to the surface, as is her function! My own fear of my past, my hurts and my sorrows was causing me to shut down and lose my voice! Medusa was being conjured and she was just doing her job. Of course! It made so much sense!
David worked on healing my chakras, opening and cleansing them, lifting pain out of my heart and clearing the area around my root chakra. His energy work was very powerful and I instantly felt a release and an acceptance.
It was amazing how energized and uplifted I felt after our session. There was a freedom in my throat chakra that hadn't been there in years.
The next night, as I applied my Medusa makeup and donned my snake wig, I welcomed Medusa, and said 'Thank you'. What an amazing performance I had - I had never sung better - my voice was strong and powerful. My fear was gone, and Medusa was there as my aid since now I knew how to ask her and thank her for her presence.
Thanks to David's sage understanding of the situation, I was able to embrace my fear rather then hide from it. David saw that it was not a 'physical' problem but a 'metaphysical problem'. He helped me understand the power of my own mind and fears and helped me to embrace and accept them. If it hadn't been for his healing energy work I would still be struggling with ambiguous vocal issues that seemed to come from nowhere. He is a truly gifted energy healer and I am eternally grateful.

Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod
Founder/Producing Artistic Director
Naked Feet Theatrical Productions