What is Hypnosis?

A hypnotherapist assists people in entering a safe, natural state of mind characterized by deep relaxation and heightened concentration, in which the normally censoring conscious mind is "set aside" for a while and the subconscious mind is given suggestions which are much more readily accepted and acted upon. Hypnosis is a normally occuring state of mind that most of us experience every day. One example would be driving your car on a frequently travelled route and arriving at your destination without remembering the trip. Another example would be watching a tv show and not realizing that someone has entered the room or called your name. These are examples of a light hypnotic state. In both cases, the conscious part of the mind had been distracted, allowing the subconscious to take over. During a hypnotherapy session, a person will enter a much deeper hypnotic state, allowing suggestions for thought and behavior change to be successfully received and acted upon.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Weight loss and maintenance.

Eliminate bad habits such as smoking.

Reduce stress and tension.

Eliminate phobias and irrational fears.

Reduce suffering caused by pain.

Change self-defeating behavior patterns.

Increase self-confidence

Improve personal skills and study habits.

Explore past lives.

Improve memory.

Motivation and goal-setting.

Hypnosis Sessions

The session begins with a discussion of the goals that the client wishes to achieve. Then you will be safely and easily guided into a relaxing trance state and suggestions which are tailored to your needs and goals will be given. Actual hypnosis will be approximately 30 to 40 minutes. You will return to a normal waking state feeling refreshed and energized. With the 3-session package, a tape of the hypnosis portion of the session will be made for use at home with self-hypnosis, if desired.


Many people have heard of the wonderful results accomplished through hypnosis and feel it could also be helpful to them. However, many people are afraid of hypnosis because of misinformation acquired over the years from horror movies, novels or television. The average person has a misconception of what hypnosis is and what it can accomplish. The following are questions that are frequently asked by individuals prior to being hypnotized.

What if you can't bring me out of it?
There is no danger of a person failing to come out of the hypnotic state. In fact, it would be impossible to remain hypnotized. Even if the hypnotherapist left the office while an individual was in the hypnotic state, there would be no danger. The person would drift off into a natural state of sleep and would awaken after resting.

Is there any danger with hypnosis?
The only way hypnosis could be dangerous would be if it was used to take away pain that is a warning signal from the body about a serious medical condition.

Will I do something against my will?
When you are hypnotized you are aware of all suggestions given to you, and you will not do anything that you would normally be opposed to doing.

Are weak-minded people easier to
No. In fact, it is usually found that strong-minded and strong-willed people who want to be hypnotized achieve excellent results from hypnosis.

Can I be tricked while in the hypnotic state?
A person could not be tricked into doing something under hypnosis any easier than he/she could in a conscious state.

Is hypnosis habit-forming?
No. Hypnosis is a very enjoyable state of relaxation, but a person never becomes addicted to hypnosis. After most hypnotic sessions, subjects report that they sleep better at night and are more relaxed during their daily life.


$80.00 per session.(1 hour)
Special 3-Session package: $195.00

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