What is Integrated Energy Therapy?

Integrated Energy Therapy ©, developed at the Center of Being by Stevan J. Thayer, is a holistic therapy that supports you in safely and gently releasing the limiting energy patterns of your past, and empowering and balancing your life in the present. IET activates 9 sets of integration points that facillitate powerful clearing of suppressed emotions, cellular memories and energy blockages from current and past lifetimes.

Benefits of IET

Painlessly identifies and releases your deeply suppressed feelings and your core cellular memories.

Clears energy blocks that limit your health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity.

Re-balances the human energy system, relieves stress and tension, and supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Supports you in remembering and living the true expression of your soul's purpose.

Provides gentle yet powerful support for survivors of childhood traumas such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholic and dysfunctional families.

Empowers you to experience fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life.

Works at a high vibration, using pure loving energy from the angelic/spirit realm.

IET Sessions

We start the session by discussing which areas of healing you wish to focus on. During the IET session, you lie fully clothed and relaxed on a massage table while soft soothing music is played in the background. Next, IET energy is systematically directed into specific areas of your body's cellular memory by means of gentle therapeutic touch, and powerful IET techniques are used to gently remove suppressed feelings and clear blockages for good.

Your first IET sessions will likely be focused on using the basic and intermediate IET rays to clear the limitations and pain from your past. As the pain from your past clears, we will use the advanced IET ray to help you manifest your life's vision and bring your dreams alive.

At the end of an IET session, it is typical to feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged.

A Complimentary Holistic Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy is complimentary to other healing arts and can be used alone or in combination with other holistic or traditional approaches to accelerate your self-healing. However, IET is not a replacement for traditional medical approaches.

Please note that while IET can be very effective, no medical claims are made as to the effect or outcome of this treatment. Each person is encouraged to be responsible in the use and choice of professional healing assistance as needed.


$50.00 per session
(1 to 1-1/2 hours)

IET Training Classes

Integrated Energy Therapy is fun and easy to learn. It is a powerful self-healing technique and can be used to facilitate the treatment of clients. IET can be used as a stand-alone therapy technique or incorporated as a powerful addition to other techniques such as Reiki and Therapeutic Massage. David Aronson teaches the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of IET.

Please call or write for more information or to schedule an appointment. Thank you.

David Aronson
3330 Dogwood Drive
Willow Grove, PA 19090