The Black Widow

There was once an evil witch who lived on the outskirts of a small village at the edge of a dark forest. This witch was known far and wide as "The Black Widow" due to her habit of seducing men and then killing them and eating them (this is where the 'evil' part comes in). The Black Widow Witch was beautiful, sexy and alluring. She had devoted a large portion of her life to learning the arts of seduction and she was a master. She used every part of her being to draw men into her web; her sultry voice, her hypnotic eyes, her snake-wiggle walk, and her juicy grapefruit-sized breasts which she kept pushed up at the top of her corset, giving her an hourglass figure that no sane man could resist.
Her hapless victims tended to be men from the village who strayed too far into the woods, or unsuspecting travellers who were unaware of her reputation. The witch's lovely siren singing was irresistible and pulled the men into her lair as surely as if she had dragged them in by a leash. In twenty years (in which time the witch remained as youthful and beautiful as she had ever been due to her magicks) there was not a single man, no matter how happily married, who could resist her charms. The witch had her way with every single one of them, and when the lovemaking was over, and the men lay happily spent on her canopied, pillow-strewn bed, the witch underwent a horrific transformation; her skin turned black, her eyes swelled up and bugged out of her head, she sprouted an extra pair of arms and an extra pair of legs, and enormous fangs, dripping flesh-dissolving acid, grew from her mouth. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what happened next... but I will, because it's so deliciously evil! The witch would pull a silk thread from her cute little clam (where the man had invariably just been pumping away with his John Thomas), and wrap it around him, unspooling it like a roll of dental floss, until he was completely immobilized. She would then inject him with a special magic potion that paralyzed him and kept his heart beating while she leisurely dined upon his flesh. The witch's victims would sometimes stay alive and conscious for a week or longer, unable to move as they watched themselves being eaten. Excuse me a moment while I shudder...
The villagers were a timid lot on the whole, and no one dared to take action to rid themselves of the Black Widow, until one day when the witch looked out her window to see a strange man walking down the dirt path that ran past her house.
"Mmmm... he's a handsome one," thought the witch, "I will enjoy coupling with this one. It's almost a shame that I have to eat him. Oh well..."
What the witch did not know, however, was that this man was not an ordinary peasant. He was a master of the magickal arts and had extensive experience in dealing with evil witches; he had even killed a few of them (after having his way with them of course). This man was a skilled shape-shifter and allowed witches such as the Black Widow to think they were ensnaring him in their bear-traps of lust, only to turn the tables on them after he had enjoyed their bodies.
To be continued...