Everybody's Working For The Man
A Short Treatise

Everybody's working for the MAN.
This is a little-known fact in today's world.
You, yourself, probably think that you're a free agent
and that only poor people from different tribes work for the MAN,
but the truth is that you, too, are his slave.

Shocking? Let's examine this idea a bit closer.

Just who and what is this "MAN"?
The MAN is an evolutionary oddity,
an aberration of the ecosystem,
a distortion of the food chain.

Due to random genetic mutation, the MAN actually believes himself to be outside, above and superior to the very environment that sustains him. Because of this faulty wiring in the brain of the MAN, he will hoard and consume much more than is actually needed, leaving a huge deficit in resources for all other individuals in his ecosystem. As a result, these deprived individuals must supplicate themselves before the MAN, who doles out the hoarded resources, in varying amounts, in exchange for their life energy. This consumption of life energy allows the MAN to continue hoarding resources in larger and larger quantities, creating an ever-increasing imbalance within the ecosystem. The relationship of the MAN to his supplicants thus becomes a parasitic one. A peculiarity of this scenario is that the MAN constitutes a very small percentage of the population, yet, even with their superior numbers, the preyed-upon majority rarely, if ever, rise up against their vampiric oppressors.

How is this possible? Let's take a closer look.

The MAN sustains and perpetuates his domination through a series of remarkable evolutionary adaptations. Not unlike certain species of reptile, the MAN has developed the ability to hypnotize his prey. Possessing a profound understanding of the rather simple instinctual urges of the creatures he preys upon, the MAN uses a wide range of sophisticated tools and social constructs to deftly control his unwitting victims through hypnotic suggestion.

A short list of these instruments of control would include such devices as television, motion pictures, newspapers and magazines, governments, religions, schools, universities and houses of worship.

Once his victims are hypnotized, the process of which begins at birth, the MAN uses this state of mental paralysis and pliability in many ways:

He controls the flow of information, instilling beliefs that are beneficial to the MAN and detrimental to the MAN's victims. This artificial manufacturing of belief, also known as "brainwashing," effectively disables the victim's ability to perceive reality clearly and thus realize that he is being deluded and controlled by the MAN.

The MAN uses his mesmerizing machinery to keep his prey in a constant state of fear, forever anxious at the threat of enemies, sometimes real, more often deliberately fabricated. This keeps the prey docile and compliant. The MAN also keeps his prey distracted by hypnotically suggesting intense concern with unimportant trivia, such as the outcome of sporting events or celebrity gossip.

The MAN sells his victims the dregs of their life energy back to them in the form of unnecessary consumer goods, at an ever-increasing inflationary rate. Hypnosis is used to induce in the victim the belief that his identity and self-worth are dependent upon the never-ending conspicuous consumption of said goods. The powerful reproductive urges of the MAN's victims are exploited by attaching this false consumer identity to reproductive potency; a common concern which is transformed by the MAN into an issue of extreme angst.

The MAN's most insidious tactic is to hypnotically compel his prey, who vary slightly in size, shape, skin color and local custom, to quarrel and fight with each other constantly; these variations in size, shape, etc. being presented by the MAN as valid reasons for the prey to hate and even kill each other.

A small percentage of the MAN's victims escape the mesmerization and brainwashing to one degree or another. It is these escapees who are able to identify the MAN most clearly. Paradoxically, it is because they are so aware of the amount of misinformation generated by the MAN that they tend to become mistrustful and paranoid, seeing conspiracies everywhere.

The MAN's most successful and ingenious misinformation strategy is semantic confusion.
For example, in one particular country, citizens are taught from early childhood that they are free, and that their freedom is greater than that found in any other country on the planet. This notion of freedom is continually reinforced by repetitive suggestion and effectively obfuscates the knowledge that 98% of the citizenry are, in one way or another, slaves to the MAN.

Another enormously successful ploy is the use of the word "scientific." The MAN has trained his slaves to equate the word "scientific" with the concepts "truth" and "reality." Therefore, the MAN can easily compel his slaves to unquestioningly believe any self-serving lies or toxic gibberish by simply labeling it "scientific" and using scientific language, which tends to favor lengthy, obscure, multisyllabic words and convoluted sentence structures.

Those individuals who become cognizant of the MAN's omnipresent influence tend to nonetheless be generally confused about who the MAN is and where he can be found. This is due to the fact that the MAN, not unlike many reptiles, is an expert at camouflage and keeps himself well hidden. In addition, the MAN has many effective strategies for diverting attention, and can create endless "blind alleys" and "red herrings" to mislead and disorient those who would try to isolate and identify the MAN with greater precision.

In order to shed light on this confusion, the following items offer certain verified and documented facts about the MAN:

The MAN does not constitute a separate tribe or sub-species, but is rather an aberration, a mutation that can and does occur within all tribes and sub-species. Therefore, the MAN can be black, white, red, yellow or brown. He can be male or female, young or old. He can originate from any portion of the globe, speak any language, and adhere to any local customs or superstitions.

The MAN tends to pass his secrets down to his offspring and implements special schools and associations to impart the knowledge and techniques of mass hypnosis, and to indoctrinate his young in the distorted ideology which exalts the MAN's position within the ecosystem above all others, thus ensuring his parasitic stranglehold in perpetuity.

Yes, in today's modern world, everybody's working for the MAN.
So sit back, relax, turn on the TV, and pop the tab on another can of Pepsi.
And remember, you are free.
You are free...
You are free...

David Aronson
September, 2005