From Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins: The challenge for those with sun-pluto contacts is to be able to integrate the light and dark sides of the self without being overwhelmed by either end of the spectrum at the expense of the others. Sun-pluto interchanges seem to be concerned with illuminating those things that are hidden, bringing what is buried out into the light of day where it can be acknowledged and valued.
In heterosexual men with significant Venus-Pluto aspects, the anima figure tends to be darkened and more primal, as if there is an erotico-shamanic snake goddess from ancient Crete deeply embedded within the recesses of the unconscious for such individuals. Individuals with Pluto-Venus combinations crave experiences that hyper-intensify life. There is often a preference for art, music, and decor that deals with themes of eroticism, death, darkness, existential intensity and drama. The closer an aesthetic experience comes to something like orgiastic intensity, the better.