In December of 2009, I sent out this call on behalf of Piranha Betty's Art Market, a collective gallery and handmade craft store in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia that I was a member of:

Create an image of Piranha Betty and send it to us. All mediums and visual interpretations are welcome. Entries will be featured in a month-long exhibition at the shop and then go on permanent display here on the website. We look forward to seeing your imagination and creativity at work.

Deadline: June 30, 2010

Unfortunately, Piranha Betty's closed it's doors in the middle of June 2010, just before the deadline, and the Piranha Betty's site is no more, so the work will now be exhibited here.






Andrea Jay New York
Cihan Eliboc Turkey
David Aronson Philadelphia
Diana Pastuszek Poland
Fleur Helsingor California





Heleen de Vaan Netherlands
Henning Mittendorf Germany
Jaromir Svozilik Norway
Joachim Buchholz Germany
Joachim Buchholz Germany 





Joanna Gorawska Poland
Karolina Gorzedowska Poland
Keith Bates England
Kuna Wtodarczyk Poland
Lindenhof Germany





Marti Bein Nevada
Miguel Jimenez Spain
Miguel Jimenez Spain
Okadascat England
Paul Tiilila Finland


Rudiger Westphal Germany
Xo Morowski Poland

Click HERE for a virtual tour of the former Piranha Betty's Art market in it's heyday.