Possessed By Sound: An old self-produced cassette with some sound collages I had completely forgotten about and no longer possess copies of. I used to trade these with other artists through the mail. Looks like someone got ahold of a copy and posted it on Youtube! Warning: very lo-fi!

(Side A): 1. Horned Invocation; 2. This Is Not A Poem; 3. Song XYZ; 4. Did You Bring Me A Monkey?; 5. Fuck Me;

6. Nothing Is True; 7. Read Label Before Using; 8. Cretinville;

9. Ancient Chinese Secret; 10. Bugs Bunny Bop; 11. Looks Like Xmas; 12. Possessed By Sound
(Side B): 1. Suburbia; 2. Overcome By Art; 3. He's Dead Jim; 4. Selfish Tongues; 5. Penises In Public; 6. The Birth Of Movable Type; 7. Freakout Scene; 8. Strawberry Flavored Sweeties

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