What inspires you sexually? Artistically? How does this inspiration manifest itself in your work?

I am a semi-professional astrologer and I think that this quote about men with venus-pluto aspects in their birth charts (like myself) from an astrology book sums up a big part of my libido, as well as how my sexual desires, impulses, and obsessions express themselves through my art: "In heterosexual men with significant Venus-Pluto aspects, the anima figure tends to be darkened and more primal, as if there is an erotico-shamanic snake goddess from ancient Crete deeply embedded within the recesses of the unconscious for such individuals. Individuals with Pluto-Venus combinations crave experiences that hyper-intensify life. There is often a preference for art, music, and decor that deals with themes of eroticism, death, darkness, existential intensity and drama. The closer an aesthetic experience comes to something like orgiastic intensity, the better."

How are sex and art related?

Sexual energy IS creative energy, which is the energy used in creating art. When I'm making art, I get into a mind/body-state very similar to the state created by sex/orgasm--it's an experience of maximum energy flow. Sex can be an opening to the body's intelligence and awareness and an energetic opening as well. It's a merging with spirit in the form of another person, and art is a merging with spirit through partaking of, and participation in, spirit's creativity.

How does the work you do now compare with the work you did five years ago? Where do you see your work taking you in five years?

I feel that in the past five years I have truly found my voice as an artist, and am creating work that is uniquely personal, but at the same time touching on imagery from the collective well of images that other people can connect with and relate to on a deep level. In five years time, I hope that I have grown as much as I have in the last five years, both in technical skill and depth of subject matter. I've just begun to paint with oils again, which I haven't done for the last five or six years, and I hope to have a large body of work in five years time and to have become more proficient with the medium.

How do you define erotic art? What are the most prominent erotic elements in your art? What are the erotic messages in your current collection?

I suppose erotic art is any art that has sexuality as it's focus. Does this mean that pornography is art? I don't know--some of it certainly, but this gets us into the whole question of defining 'art' in the first place. Personally, I need to have some kind of aesthetic sensibility involved, and if there is an element to the work that makes you think, or surprises you, or puts you in awe, or even repulses you, so much the better.
In my own work the nude human body is very often present, and while not always consciously meant to be 'erotic' it expresses eroticism nonetheless, simply because of who I am; my openness, my sexual freedom and my sexual issues, my spiritual / sexual view of the world. I strive for deep connection with my environment and the people in it, and deep connection with others is sexual, regardless of whether or not actual physical sex takes place. And of course, some of my art is explicitly sexual and usually an attempt to come to terms with aspects of my sexuality and my sexual experiences.
I don't really have a 'message' in this work, and the pieces in the show are not a unified group, as they were done at different times and with different media, but if I were to have a message about erotic art and eroticism in general it would be: Sex and sexuality are natural, normal and beautiful parts of being human and it angers and saddens me that so much bullshit is piled on top of it for so many people. There is an incredible amount of repression and twisted ideas, beliefs and emotions wrapped up in sexuality in our culture, and it doesn't have to be that way. Your sexual energy is a source of personal power and you should be able to express your sexuality in any way, shape or form that you desire (so long as you are not imposing on another's free will) without shame or fear. So go ahead and feel, touch, taste, see, explore, experience, lose yourself, find yourself, empower yourself sexually. Sexuality is good, you are good--god and goddess want you to celebrate the joy of your sexuality, and the people who claim to speak for "god" who say no, cover up, repress, be ashamed, be afraid of your natural impulses and desires, are charlatans and users who only want to control you in order to increase their own temporal, political power. Free yourself, heal yourself, love yourself--ALL of yourself--and love the one you're with.