Shadows in Heaven
David Aronson and Leslie Powell

Shadows in Heaven is a superb self published work illustrated
by David Aronson with words by Leslie Powell. It is a unique
collaboration between two artists using two mediums, art and
words to explore the crevices of the unconscious, the power of
symbolism as well as dreams and nightmares. The images
have been created with ink, graphite and Photoshop and
the text moves through poetry, short tales and dialogues.

The imagery is dark, surreal and arresting; it has a sort of
"Freudian" fairy tale feel mixed with explorations of sexuality,
childhood, pain, suffering and the nature of human experience.
It is disturbing, compelling and fascinating at the same
time. I use the term fascination here in its original "sense" - it
captures the view and makes you look deeply into yourself,
regardless of the emotions the image engenders.

The quality of the art cannot be faulted; it is beautifully reproduced
in stunning detail. It has 52 pages and is also available
as a digital download. The Alchemical Wedding website is also packed with interesting materials including The Alchemical Tarot, Shadows in
Heaven, original art and prints and lots of other work by
Aronson. It is well worth spending some time exploring his world !

September 2008
Synergy Publishing