Terri Sharp is a survivor. The emotional, sexual and physical abuse and trauma that she has experienced started in childhood. For most of her life she has been told not to talk about it. Even now, our society shies away from any woman speaking up about the abuse she has suffered. Terri wanted to talk about it; not to blame or denigrate, but to heal, and in healing herself, hopefully create a space for other women to tell their stories and heal as well. The tool that Terri uses to tell her story is photography. She started as a commercial photographer, taking pictures of high profile rock stars and seeing her work published in various books and magazines. When the circumstances of her life moved her away from this kind of work, she turned inward and started making images that spoke of the ongoing pain and fragmentation that she experiences as a result of the abuse. Terri's photography is powerful and completely honest. And it is not for everyone. But make no mistake: Terri's images are not meant to shock or offend; their purpose is to tell the truth and, ultimately, to forgive.

David Aronson, March 2023

Warning: This book project contains nudity and images that are symbolic of sexual and physical abuse as told from the point of view of the victim/survivor.

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