Drawings for a collaborative book project with writer/poet Leslie Powell entitled Shadows in Heaven. Introduction Read the review of Shadows in Heaven from the Australian magazine Synergy

 "I just got Shadows in Heaven a couple hours ago. It's astonishing! I am going to be reckoning and wrestling with this book for a long time! The Shadows in Heaven image is going to stick in my head till several millennia after the world comes to an end in 2012. You've shown such skill juxtaposing the realistic textures of the angel-boy's skin with the warts and mucous membranes of demons! This is the sort of imaginative feat that makes me suspect you have actually been in hell--and were well on top of things while there!"

Tom Bradley, author Fission Among the Fanatics, Lemur, Killing Bryce,
Acting Alone, Black Class Cur, The Curved Jewels


Deja Vu Detail 1 Detail 2
 The Angels of Rock & Roll Detail 1 Detail 2
Midway Detail 1 Detail 2



 Family Dynamic
Womb Detail 1 Detail 2
 The Book



 Bleak Anatomies
 Nocturnal Emissions



 Good Enough to Eat
 Wild Horses
 Return to the Forest



 The Deep
 For Your Own Good



 Shadows In Heaven


 One Of Us