WARNING These jams between myself and my friend, caricaturist John Sprague, are sick, twisted, perverse, and make absolutely no sense. If you are easily offended or grossed out, please turn back.

Drawing Comics Takes Talent

The King Has Left the Building

Balloon Apocalypse

Narwhal Who?

I Heart Tori

Of Ostriches and Apes

Dark Knight on the Wrong Road

Pussies are Gross, Mind the Rabbit

What if God was an Asshole?

Fetishizing the Handicapped

Who Castrated Roger Rabbit?
Dream of the Narcoleptic Platypus
Society for Cutting Up Bastard Pig-Dog Men
Umbrella Whore

Holy Snot, Batman
It's Not Beastiality If She's Got Nice Cans
Art Class Capers
Dirty Surrealistic Pillows

Omar's Revenge
Sesame Alley
Real Housewives of the Inner Planes
Don't Smoke This Stuff, Kids

Words Are Hot
Prog Warts
How To Be A Hipster
It's Hard To Get Good Help These Days

Space-Fop Conspiracy
I'll Gladly Fuck You Tuesday For A Hamburger Today
Monsters! Why?
The Rapture Will Not Be Televised

What Tony Robbins Doesn't Know can Hurt You
Henson's Revenge
Baristas & Fascistas
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Pointy Tits

Dangerous Liaisons
Death On The Foreskin Freeway
Seduction Of The Segmented
Tainted Rainbow Love

Reality Shows Of The Gods
Dirty Old Uncle Sigmind's Bedtime Stories
Corporate Capers
Stupidity Is Contageous




 Fanboy Follies
 Enlarged Holes & Tight Cracks
Squidley's Dilemma
 Trix Are For The Clinically Insane

Blue Mitten
Jews Mens Can't Rhyme
Little Basil Testifies
Requiem For A Cosby Kid




 Fun Bags
Chinese Word Of The Day  Is Cheap
 When Bitches Clash
 McCain Pain

Your Brain Over Easy
Down The Hatch
Homophobe Highway
Cthulthu SeesThe Light



Biscuits Of Fire
Gelatinous Pontification
 Bobby Knobs
 Killin' For Jesus




 Corporal Insult Kicks Ass
Manny's Dreams Go Down The Drain 
 Leg Man
 Nazis Are A Drag




 Jukebox Zeros
 Nasaphilic Nonsense
Cheesesteak Meat Dreams
 Mr. Chinstand Makes Some Friends